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Southern Star Inspections is your premier Tomball, TX Home Inspection service. Tomball, TX Home Inspection services include Phase Construction Inspections, Tomball Pre-Listing Home Inspections, New Home Inspections, or 1 Year Warranty Inspections. Southern Star Inspections will always take the time to explain what is found during an inspection and answer any questions you may have concerning your new home. Your Home Inspection Report will be detailed with pictures and explanations but yet easy to follow and understand. Our work does not end when the report is complete. If you ever have any questions concerning your home or a maintenance question, Southern Star Inspections, LLC is here for you.
Tomball, TX History:
  • Settlement began in the Tomball area in the early 19th century on a land granted in 1838 to William Hurd's heirs.
  • In 1906 the area began to boom when railroad line engineers took notice that Tomball, TX was between the low hills of Texas and the flat coastal plains of the Gulf.
  • The area was at first known as Peck, referred to this because of a chief civil engineer of the railroad line.
  • On December 2, 1907, the town was officially named Tom Ball. It was later that the town name was shortened to one word, for Mr. Thomas Henry Ball, an attorney that convinced the railroad commission to run the tracks right through downtown.
  • The boom of Tomball, TX due to the railroad industry lasted less than a decade. The oil and gas industry began to flock to the area. The residents were rewarded when a drill hit a 100-foot (30 m) pocket of oil on May 27, 1933. Tomball, TX was then labeled "a floating island of oil".
  • More than two dozen oil companies and thousands of workers boosted the economy for years to come. A well funded company, Humble Oil Company, struck a deal with the town which they would provide gas free of charge to the land owners in exchange for rights to drill on their property.
  • Tomball incorporated in the year of 1933. Because of this, Houston, TX did not incorporate Tomball's territory into the city limits.
  • Growth continued over the years and hit a second boom after World War II. People desired a life that was more comfortable, so the surrounding area of Tomball saw a shift of Texans migrating from the "big city" to the beautiful countryside.
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