Get Your Home Inspected Before Putting it on the Market!

Thinking of selling your Cypress, Katy, Houston, or The Woodlands home? In Travis Kepp's interview with Big State Home Buyers, he emphasizes the importance of having your home inspected before you put it on the market.


Freshen up your home with Pantone's 2015 color of the year: Marsala

A new year means a fresh start, why not keep your home looking updated and fresh as well? Marsala's earthy, organic, red hue can keep your Cypress, Katy, Spring, or The Woodlands home feeling polished and tasteful.

Here are ways to incorporate this refreshing shade in your home..



Sparkle Your Home Before Selling!

Preparing your Cypress, Katy, or The Woodlands home to go on the market can be a daunting task. A fresh coat of paint and an added mulch bed will not set your home apart. To sell your home fast, it has to shine! 

Here are 31 tips on how to clean the everyday household item.


Relax...You're home now!

We all live a fast paced life. For some reason when we finally make it home we find ourselves still "at work" or find ourselves stressing about work "things". Home is where the heart is. Home should NOT be where the heartburn is.

RELAX. Take a load off. Well, maybe start a load of laundry, then take a load off! 

Be Protected with a Home Inspection

It has been said before but I will say it again. Purchasing a home may well be the most expensive purchase you ever make in your life. Now is not the time to purchase your new home without knowing what is going on "behind the scenes". Southern Star Inspections, LLC can help you rest at ease when buying or selling! Home inspections for Cypress, Katy, The Woodlands, and Surrounding Houston Areas.

Keep Your Cool!

The summer months are upon us. Do not take your Home Air Conditioning for granted! If treated right it will keep you cool during the "dog days" of summer. Your Home HVAC system can be complicated but don't fret. Southern Star Inspections, LLC can inspect your complete HVAC system to see if you are in need of  technician. Southern Star Inspections has all of your Home Inspection needs covered!

Painting Projects Made Easy

"Paint Baby Room" still on the list of things to do? Tired of the plain, boring standard wall color in the living room? Want to catch the eyes of some potential buyers? Do not put painting on the back burner any longer! Adding some fresh paint can be easy and fun to do with these 7 easy to follow tips.

Tips for a Green Home!

Lets face it, saving money is always on the mind of Home Owners. There are several, easy ways to save a dollar or two when it comes to Home Utility Costs. Here are some easy to follow (and easy to do!) tips on how you can save some cash and the save the planet at the same time! 

Stage Your Home to Sell!

Selling a home can be exciting, nerve racking, and down right aggravating at times. To often do I hear "showing the house this weekend...again." Don't be that family! Catch the potential buyers eyes with these 7 steps to staging your home to sell. 

Great, now what?

You have your dream home picked out. Boxes are packed and ready to move. Home Inspector is scheduled. Now what? What are your options once the home inspector has completed the inspection? 

Here is a good run through of your options as well as the sellers options. 

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